How To Make That Vet Visit Less Stressful For Your Pet

The dreaded trip to the Vet (your pet’s version of the dentist appointment).
While some pets don’t mind visiting the Vet, many aren’t so happy about the experience. They may feel anything from mild anxiety to complete panic.

Bach Flower Essences can make the experience easier on your companion… and YOU.

The term Essence is generally used in United States, while the term Remedy is more often used in the United Kingdom where the Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 20th Century.
Bach Flower Remedies are helpful to both people and animals. They’re completely safe without side effects. And they’re much more economical that prescription drugs.

Bach Flower Essences are natural solutions made by diluting specific flowers from a certain area in England in spring water and an alcohol preservative. While they are Essences, they’re not aromotherapy. In fact they don’t even smell.

Each Essence acts to balance particular negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and worry. Restoring balance restores a state of equalibrium and harmony. This in turn generally improves behavior.

For example, when a pet is fearful of a Vet visit and shakes and cowers, Bach Flower Essences can balance the fear emotion and the pet will be more calm.

There are a total of 38 individual Bach Flower Essences. In addition, Bach Flower Essences can be combined to help with multiple emotional imbalances. Dr. Bach created one combination Remedy – Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy combines 5 Essences and is helpful in situations of high anxiety, fear, terror and/or stress… such as a Vet visit.

Rescue Remedy includes:

  • Cherry Plum helps with composure and self control.
  • Clematis helps balance disorientation and disassociation.
  • Impatiens supports patience and gentleness helping with tension, irritability and high–strung nervousness.
  • Rock Rose supports courage and steadfastness helping with terror, panic and fear.
  • Star of Bethlehem helps with trauma.

Using Rescue Remedy before a trip to the Vet could reduce stress for you and your companion. Rescue Remedy comes in a number of forms. The tincture does have a small bit of alcohol used as a preservative. Rescue Remedy for Pets and Rescue Remedy for Kids are both alcohol free (they use vegetable glycerine as the preservative). And you can also get Rescue Remedy in a spray form.

If you’re using Rescue Remedy ahead of a trip to the Vet (or any other specifically stressful event), you want to start dosing about 45 minutes prior to and dose two or three times. Bach Flower Essences are tinctures. Optimally you want to drip 4–8 drops into your pets mouth. They don’t always cooperate. Some other strategies include:

  • putting the drops into your palm and having your pet lick them
  • rubbing it into their ear flaps, paw pads or on gums
  • sprinkling drops onto a food treat

Healthy Dog and Cat Care Guide includes a chapter on Bach Flower Remedies.