Introducing a New Pet or Baby Into The Home

Dogs and cats tend to be at least a little resistant to change in their environment.

By nature, they’re territorial. Therefore bringing a new member in the household – their territory – can result in some undesirable behavioral reactions.
That new member can be another pet, or, another human.

The addition can bring up feelings of jealosy, insecurity, anxiety or fear. That may result in aggression against other pets or humans, withdrawal or perhaps taking it out on the furniture.

All of this can make your home life strained and perhaps even untolerable.
Bach Flower Remedies can help. Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe, with no side effects. So there’s really no risk as there can be with drugs. There are 38 Bach Flower Essences.

Each specific Essence targets a specific emotional imbalance.
Restore the emotional balance and behavior problems typically improve. By carefully observing your pet you can determine which emotions are out of balance.

With the Bach Flower Essences you can use one or a combination of Essences.

For instance…
Aspen is helpful with vague or unknown fears. Your pet can become more anxious during a transition period and be overly sensitive to other humans and pets in the environment.

Beech is helpful with tolerance. This may especially be the case with an older animal when a new kitten, puppy or baby join the household. Babies, kittens and puppies tend to have a higher energy level and create more commotion.

Holly is helpful with jealousy inspired behaviors such as growling, hissing, snapping and unprovoked attacks. Animals used to being the center of attention may not appreciate sharing your affection.

Honeysuckle is helpful with adapting and adjusting to a new situation.

Walnut is helpful with change and over–sensitivity to a new environment such as moving to a new house.

It’s easy to combine one or more Essences into a treatment bottle. It can be used short term or longer term to help your pet (and the rest of your household) adjust to a new situation.

Healthy Dog and Cat Care Guide includes a chapter on Bach Flower Remedies.