About Dog And Cat Zone

As a kid I always loved animals, especially dogs.

The only thing I ever whined, pleaded and begged for was a dog. And fortunately, my parents obliged.

I came to live with – and appreciate – cats later in life.

I’m a writer by profession. I work mostly with holistic practitioners and nutritionists. Researching and writing about nutrition, health and wellness.

While I had relied on commercial pet food for numerous animals in my life, about a decade ago I was getting more uncomfortable with ingredient labels that read like a chemistry book. I began doing some research. The deeper I dug into pet food, the more appalled I became at what constituted pet “food”.

Over the past few years I’ve done much research into more holistic pet care including nutrition, vaccination regimens, beneficial herbs and emotional healing.

Naturally I have a lot of friends with pets. They’ve often sought my input on pet care. A couple of them told me: “You should write a book”.

So I did.

I hope the information on this website allows you to better care for your pet.