Dog and Cat Nutrition

Food is very important – critically important. It supplies the building blocks for health.

Commercial pet food became customary in the 1950’s. Prior to that, most pets ate “people food”.

The issue with most of the popular pet foods is the quality of the ingredients.

The commercial pet food industry is largely driven by re–purposing animal and plant parts not fit for human consumption – essentially waste material. It has strayed very far from the natural diet of cats and dogs in the wild… especially cats.

Add to that the use of chemical preservatives.

More and more, the popular brand commercial pet foods are associated with chronic illness as well as behavior and emotional problems in our pets. Toxins and the poor grade of nutrition break down our pets’ immune system resulting in allergies, digestive problems, skin problems, thyroid, kidney and liver disease and other maladies.

Pets – like people – have basic nutritional needs. They can survive eating poor quality food. But there’s a cost…
Generally their health will be compromised and their life shortened.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101 explains the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs, the short comings of popular commercial pet food products and how to read ingredient labels so you can choose food that better supports the health of your companion.

Dog and Cat Nutrition Articles…

What’s In A (Pet Food) Name

Do you know the four naming “rules” for pet food? Knowing these rules will allow you to quickly decode a label and determine the minimum amount of protein in the product.

How To Read a Pet Food Ingredient Label

You want to buy quality, healthy food for your companion. But how do you know?

Aside from having the capability to fully analyze the food yourself, your biggest clue is in the label… and the knowledge of how to decode it.

Commercial Pet Food – What’s In That Bag

Prior to the 1950’s (when commercial pet food became more the norm), family pets were fed meat and table scraps… “people food”.
Watching pet food commercials you’d definitely think dogs and cats need specially formulated, mysterious “pet food”.
But then – oddly enough – the commercials also imply the more human like the pet food is, the superior it is.
So what’s the deal?

Better pet nutrition