Bach Flower Remedies For Pets

Dr. Edward Bach was a conventional allopathic doctor in London with an expertise in bacteriology and pathology. He came to believe that emotions strongly influenced disease. That diseases were the result of imbalances or negativity of the “soul”, a weakening of our “vital force”.

He studied homeopathy and then in 1930 completely gave up his medical practice to create a healing system. His goal was to create a healing system simple enough that people could identify their negative emotional state and choose the appropriate remedy themselves.

Bach ultimately created the 38 “Bach Flower Essences” – 37 from specific flowers and 1 from the water of a spring. He called them the “Happy fellows of the plant world”.

Each Essence targets a particular mental or emotional state – such as fear, anger, apathy, aggression – to unlock the body’s natural healing power.

Bach’s primary focus was people, but the Essences were also used with animals. In fact Dr Bach’s assistant – Nora Weeks – was quoted in 1942:
“Animals suffer from moods in the same way as human beings. The Remedies help man and beast alike”.

In some ways pets are more attuned to the remedies.

Although they are flower essences, they’re not like aromatherapy. The Essences are prepared as tinctures and most often dripped into the mouth. They’re very safe – internally and externally – with no side effects.

Many people (myself included) have found Bach Flower Remedies to be very helpful with behavioral and emotional problems in pets.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101 explains how to use Bach Flower Remedies to help your pet. Get the best information to make the wisest care choices.

Bach Flower Remedies for Pets Articles

How To Make That Vet Visit Less Stressful For Your Pet

The dreaded trip to the Vet (your pet’s version of the dentist appointment).
While some pets don’t mind visiting the Vet, many aren’t so happy about the experience. They may feel anything from mild anxiety to complete panic.

Bach Flower Essences can make the experience easier on your companion… and YOU.

Frustrated By Your Pet’s Bad Behavior?

What do you do when your pet simply won’t behave?
Most people go the training route believing unwanted behavior can be trained away.
Some people may try drugs.
And, unfortunately, often pets are given up due to unresolved behavior problems.

Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and easy alternative to consider.

Introducing a New Pet or Baby Into The Home

Dogs and cats tend to be at least a little resistant to change in their environment.

By nature, they’re territorial. Therefore bringing a new member in the household – their territory – can result in some undesirable behavioral reactions.

Bach Flower Remedies can help. Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe, with no side effects. So there’s really no risk as there can be with drugs.