Because That’s How It’s Always Been…

Pet care changed in two important ways back in the 1950’s.
So for most of us, it’s always been this way. The only way we’ve ever known.

However, science and our current knowledge of nutrition and vaccination prove to us that what’s been conventional since the 1950’s is actually not in the best interest of our pet’s health.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101

You see, commercial pet food became the convention back in the 1950’s.
However, more current information shows the nutrition profile of typical commercial food is in fact health–compromising rather than health–supportive.

The yearly vaccination regimen was established back in the 1950’s.
It wasn’t based on science.
More current science and deeper understanding shows that following that standard is NOT in the best interest of your pet.

Hi, I’m Patti Clark. When I got my first dog at age 6, we fed her canned dog food. Because that’s what you did then.

The truth is…

  • … dog and cat food in those cute commercials isn’t all they say it is – nutrition wise or even safety wise.
  • … the number of vaccinations and the frequency recomended by sources not current on the latest data is excessive and can cause or contribute to serious illnesses including cancer, and, yes, even death.
  • … there are many common conditions such as fleas, ear problems, allergies and numerous others your pet may experience that can benefit from herbs. Herbs that are natural and without the harsh side effects of common pharmaceuticals (and are less expensive).

The truth is “the way it is” is NOT the way it SHOULD BE.

You CAN raise your pet more healthy

And better health for your pet means they experience less sickness, less behavior problems and they stay in your life longer.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101 was written for people who want to understand how to best care for their pets’ everyday basic health needs.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101 covers…

  • What exactly is the 4–D rule
  • How to decode a pet food ingredient label
  • What 5 common synthetic preservatives – found in many commercial pet foods – are linked to hyperactivity, autoimmune disease, liver disease, thyroid damage and cancer
  • How the commercial pet food industry profits by the premise of ‘one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure’
  • What 17 foods can be harmful to your companions
  • What supplements are most important
  • Raw or cooked?
  • What dogs and cats need nutritionally and how to design a meal
  • How to transition your pet to different food – tricks and strategies
  • Toxins and your pets… on average cats and dogs have higher levels of toxins than people. How does this increase the risk of illnesses in your pet
  • What’s in a vaccine?
  • Vaccine versus virus in nature
  • Does your companion really need to be vaccinated every year? Do you get vaccinated every year?
  • Adverse reactions to vaccines
  • What horrifying trend prompted Vets to change where they inject vaccines for cats from between the shoulders to the tail or back leg
  • 10 Dog vaccines – the risks of each disease and each vaccine
  • 7 Cat vaccines – the risks of each disease and each vaccine
  • Recommended vaccine schedule based on current science
  • Discover the little–known, gentle and totally safe Bach flower tincture remedies
  • Learn how to match specific remedies to unwanted behaviors in your companions and how to use the remedies to release negative emotional states and improve behavior problems
  • How to combine multiple Bach Flower remedies for a customized solution
  • Herbal recommendations for 26 health conditions
  • 83 herbs and their actions
  • 12 formulations for herbal remedies
  • Contraindications, Cautions and Drug Interactions for herbs

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101 is available now in PDF E-book format.

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The sole purpose of this book is to help you understand and master the “everyday” part of caring for your pet…
– understanding pet nutrition and how to best feed you companion;
– understanding which vaccinations are important and when;
– having natural herbal remedies as an alternative to pharmaceutical solutions;
– getting more in touch with your companions emotions and using completely safe and economical solutions to improve inappropriate or undesirable behavior.

Try it…

If you consider your pet as part of your family rather than “second class”.
And you want to better understand how to more naturally care for your pet.
Then, I believe you’ll benefit from the information in this Guide.
I believe it will help you choose how to best nourish your pet and how to judiciously vaccinate.
I also believe herbs for common health conditions are very often a safer, healthier option than pharmaceuticals with powerful side effects.
And, I’ve personally found Bach Flower Remedies to be extremely beneficial in improving unwanted behavior… all without any dangerous side effects.

Best wishes to you and your furry friends.

Natural Dog and Cat Care 101